Stand and Deliver!

Stand and Deliver!

Stand and Deliver is a cracking tune from Adam and the Ants. It went to number 1 in the UK when released on 27th April 1981. The video is also great fun.

Interesting Fact: In 1979 Adam Ant was looking to be managed by Malcolm McLaren (the manager of The Sex Pistols). Instead McLaren poached the rest of the Ants from the original group to form Bow Wow Wow with the singer Annabella Lwin. This led Adam to recruit and form Adam and the Ants (mark 2) with Marco Pirroni on guitar.



The song was written by Adam Ant and his collaborator and fellow Ant, Marco Pirroni. Marco is an underrated guitarist and songwriter in my opinion, but then he seems pretty down to earth and shuns the limelight somewhat.


Stand and Deliver is basically a 3 chord song (I – IV – V) – but Marco uses a couple of different ways to spice things up.

  • In the first 2 verses he uses the VI chord  as a passing chord to add a bit of drive to the progression.
  • In the chorus there is a simple but effective short riff attached
  • The third verse modifies the second chord of the basic verse progression, this is a more tense sound
  • The mid 8 uses a descending bassline and the familiar C – G/B – Am – F progression
  • The end of the song transposes into the key of E for the outro


Free Basic Tab pdf hereStand and Deliver

Read this first:

This tab is a rough outline really, but there should be enough here for you to play the song in conjunction with the information on this page.

  • The gallop rhythm is not played for the whole verse on the record, but it sounds good
  • Marco often plays the A and G chords at the end of the verse phrase as open chords
  • You can play power chords instead of the octaves on the chorus
  • I like the idea of playing the riff in chords for the chorus (see end of tab)
  • In the mid 8 you can keep the top (highest) note pedal as a C  (fret 1, B string) instead of the D note (Fret 3, B string) – use which sounds best to you
  • At the end of the mid 8 just staying on the F chord sounds fine, but Marco does play the G as well
  • The solo is played mainly on the D string using slides, but you could use the G string as well if you like
  • Using the inversions shown for the outro helps push it along.

Basic Structure:

Intro – Verse 1/Chorus – Verse 2/Chorus – Mid 8 – Solo – Verse 3/Chorus – Mid 8 – Outro



Further Resources

Marco demonstrates the guitar part



A live version with Marco
The sound quality is poor, but it gives you a good guide as to how he plays it live. The drummer is one of the two drummers from the mark 2 lineup.



Another Version Live with Tom Edwards – including a bit of explanation about how the song was written.

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