Sore Fingers

Sore Fingers

Captain Sensible of The Damned (a great band!) is currently on tour on the band’s 40th anniversary tour. They have fulfilled a lot of dates already.

He just posted this pic on Facebook – it just goes to show playing a lot and especially lots of heavy bends takes a grim toll even on the most hardened callouses.

So I said to guitar tech Seano.. "has the neck shifted on the SG" – as my fingers were occasionally slipping off the…

Posted by Captain Sensible on Wednesday, 7 December 2016


There is a famous quote from guitarist Ted Nugent about how to learn guitar:
“Play until your fingers bleed…. and then play some more.”

I would not recommend this course, but approve of the work ethic.

If you fancy guitar lessons in Bristol, Backwell, Nailsea or Keynsham, UK then give me a shout.

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