Ringing Open Chords

Ringing Open Chords

These types of chords provide a ringing 12 string guitar type sound, due to the pedal notes of D and G on the top two strings. The ringing effect is only enhanced when played further up the fretboard, utilising a capo.

C add 9


Use your third finger for the 3rd fret B string and your little finger for the 3rd fret 1st string. Hold these notes down throughout, to keep the ringing effect. Obviously you only need to move your first and second fingers either up or down a string to move between these two chord shapes.

If you are wondering why the C chord is an add 9 chord and not a straight C9 – this is because this particular shape does not contain the dominat 7th note (B flat). To make the shape into a C9 just barre the top 3 strings at the third fret. – See The James Brown Chord

The G is the “Rock version” of the open G cowboy chord. It sounds more stable and is often used in Acoustic Rock Ballards in particular.


Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi   Verse:     |D        |Cadd9      |G          |Cadd9     |G            |F             |D           |(repeat)

Every Rose Has its Thorn by Poison  Chorus: |G        |Cadd9      |G          |Cadd9     |G  / D / |C  / G / |G            |C          |


Once you have the sound in your head you will hear it in lots of different songs.

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