Guitar Practice Tip 2

Guitar Practice Tip 2

Regular guitar practice is key. If you have a weekly lesson you will see better results practising 15 minutes a day, rather than one mammoth 6 hr practice session the day before. Regular practice allows skills to be embedded in your muscle memory more efficiently.

As with learning many physical skills repetition is key, however long practice sessions can ‘overload’ your brain with too much information at once. Bite sized pieces to learn at once is a more effective strategy for quicker learning.

It is also important to remember that long practice sessions also put a lot of physical demands on your hands, especially if you have not been playing for long. This can lead to injuries – so if you get any pain stop and assess what the issue is. Overuse injuries can take a long time to heal.

So short frequent practice sessions are your best bet to accelerate learning and help prevent injuries. 😇

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