More James Brown!

More James Brown!

C’mon, let’s take it to the bridge!!


E9 ArpeggioE9 ChordE9 Kiss Chord

The E9 chord shape reproduced above is from the last James Brown post (The James Brown Chord). This chord is derived from the E9 arpeggio shape also illustrated above. This arpeggio is often used in JB tracks as a basis for some of the great horn lines and riffs.

The horn section is the collection of musicians playing brass instrument such as trumpets, saxophones and trombones. A horn riff is a riff played by the horn section.

In the video below there are some great examples using both of these shapes.

The song “I feel Good” is a basic 12 bar blues in D – using chords that repeatedly slide between the note and a half step below – this is a quick repeated slide – (D/C#/D/C#/D/C#/D) – Try it with just the single notes to start off with. Then just use the 5th, 4th and 3rd strings of the D9 shape to help play this up to speed.

Theory Note: Just using these 3 strings makes the chord a dominant 7 chord (D7) as the ‘9th’ of the chord is located on the 7th fret of the second (B) string.

Chord Sequence:    |D    |D    |D    |D    |G    |G    |D    |D    |A    |G    |D    |D   :||

At 1:08 A fast strum on the 9th chord – This is a very funky move, used by many other artists e.g. Prince in “Kiss” (“I just want your extra time and your …E9 chord….Kiss”). Although the voicing used by Prince is different – See chord shape above.

At 1:26 the Horn section play a riff using the above arpeggio – D9

At 1:57 the Horn section play a variation of the riff using the same arpeggio.



Some great riffing and horn parts in these songs and  of course JB is an excellent singer, dancer and showman.

Apparently he used to fine his band members if they made any mistakes – probably why the band is so tight!


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