Fun with “Spanish” chords

Fun with “Spanish” chords

This is a fun little exercise for playing around with the E shape – it helps you to build muscle memory of this shape, as it it slid around the fretboard in a musical way. The resulting chords have a Spanish flavour to them – almost a Flamenco sound, which makes them fun to play.

Spanish Chords


The same shape is used for all the chords – slide the E shape up 1 fret for form 1 and another two frets (3 in all) to form 2. You can also incorporate the Am chord, which uses the same shape but on the D/G/B strings. Playing around with these chords and some experimenting with strumming patterns should give a nice Spanish-esque sound.

Have fun!

Oh OK, what are the chord names??? Well I suppose Form 1 could be considered a Fmaj7 flat 5  and Form 2 a Gadd6, both with an E bass. The names do not really matter. By re-fingering the chords a root note can be played on the low E string for both forms, but this will take away the Spanish colouring.

If you have any questions then leave a comment or drop me a line.

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