Lessons are generally scheduled for an hour, however they can be of shorter duration, especially for the younger learner, if required.

A variety of topics will be covered in each lesson and may cover technique, songs, riffs and theory for example. The idea is to give the student a good grounding in the essentials as well as a choice about what else they want to learn. The music used for illustration is based around the student’s preferences where possible.

The learning of riffs is encouraged as it not only serves as a learning platform for technique, but they are generally great fun to play!

Learning songs helps to put technique into practice, but also can highlight new techniques that need to be learnt in order to play the song. Learning a complete song is great for motivation, but also builds repotoire – the ideal response to ‘well play something then’ is to be able to play a song, especially if it is familiar and everyone can join in the chorus.

Some music theory is covered, usually as background to aid understanding and also to build the vocabulary to be able to exchange and discuss musical ideas with other musicians.

Learning plans are individual and are dependent on student choices where possible.

After each lesson a set of lesson notes and any supporting written material is emailed to the student for reference. These notes and lesson sheets build up to a useful reference guide.

If you have any further questions please see the FAQ page or drop me a line.