Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi All

Here are some questions that I am frequently asked.



1. Do I have to read music?

No. There are certain circumstances where reading music is necessary, playing in rock/blues bands is not usually one of them! Guitar chords are represented on grids and we will cover how to Interpret and play these from the first lesson. Guitar Music is often written in tablature (tab), we will also cover how to read and interpret this. We will also go over how Musicians communicate with each other, so you can communicate musical ideas to players of other instruments. I can help you to learn to read music if you want to. 😇

2. How much would I need to practice?

This is up to you. However we will cover how to practice, to make this a pleasure rather than a chore. Guitar playing can be quite addictive, especially when you can see yourself making good progress. Even 15 minutes a day can be enough to ensure progress for most people. However as I say, it depends on your goals.

3. Do you teach grades?

At the moment, no. This is partly because I believe the best way to learn music is to play the stuff you want to play, not the next piece in a guitar method book. The fundamental techniques of guitar playing will be covered in depth as will basic rock, blues and acoustic vocabulary. We will also work on learning songs by ear, so that you can work out how to play parts from hearing them.

4. Do you play in a band?

Yes I play in a three piece (guitar/bass/drums) rock covers band called Solid State Radio.

5. Sore Fingers

Sore fingers on your fretting hand fingers is almost inevitable when first learning guitar. This situation usually improves as you play more, as the skin on the ends of your fingers becomes hard and forms a callous.

I have been asked what the difference between a callous and hard skin is – not much! A callous is toughened skin. However this takes time to develop in to a hard pad on your fingertips. Skin still comes off occasionally, especially after a long session with lots of big string bends – but the skin underneath should still be hard – that’s when you know you have a callous and not just hard skin.

Nylon strung guitars are easier on the fingertips to start off with, but you need a steel strung acoustic to get that rock tone when strumming. 😇

6. Do you teach electric or acoustic guitar?

I teach a variety of styles on both instruments. While it is true to say that most people start on an acoustic guitar, it is quite possible to learn on an electric guitar as well. Both guitars have the same number of strings, tuned to the same notes. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, but if you can play one you can more or less also play the other.

If you have any further questions please just drop me a line.

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